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Sea Moss

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Who We Are

iLaSante is an innovative, progressive company focused on offering top quality, reasonable priced wellness products.  We guarantee a safe, GMO free and nontoxic line.  In accordance with our customer’s needs, our employees expertise, and a global outlook, we are changing the perspective of attainable and affordable wellness products.  Our ultimate goal is to offer a recognized supreme brand of products that work!

Live well!

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From Our Customers

“Your sea moss has definitely become my favorite post workout supplement.  I use it daily and I've noticed my energy and libido is on point!”

Maleek J.

Health Benefits of Sea Moss

The natural benefits of Seamoss


Reduces Mucus / Inflammation


Nutrient Dense


Vitality / Energy


Healthy Hair / Skin


Dead Sea Salt

Total mind, body, and spirit healing. Dead sea salt has long been sought for its natural skincare benefits. This detoxifying bath salt is rich in therapeutic minerals, including Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium, to support overall skin health and vitality. Naturally cleansing and detoxifying, our dead sea salt works to polish and smooth skin while drawing out impurities. In addition, Pacific sea salt fights bacteria and detoxifies, and Epsom salt naturally eases fatigued and overworked muscles for a complete Spa experience.

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